Exciting news: this year’s grant will go to a Black creator.

The 2020 applications are closed — currently choosing winner!

The 2020 Super Patron application window is now closed, but holy shit. We can't thank all the applicants enough. Our team is stunned by the quality of applications and the amazing things that you all are doing.
The Super Patron selection team is currently going through your applications and will announce the winner here on Friday December 12/4, 9a PST.

A huge thank you to the Super Patron selection team, who are putting in work to review applications and choose a recipient:

Selection team
• Keith Knight ⭢ kchronicles.com
• Sabrina Cruz, 2019 Super Patron recipient ⭢ youtube.com/c/answerinprogress
• Elle Mills ⭢ youtube.com/c/ElleOfTheMills
• Glynn Washington ⭢ npr.org/people/126615902/glynn-washington
• Dessa from Doomtree ⭢ doomtree.net/dessa
• Lazerbeak from Doomtree ⭢ doomtree.net/lazerbeak
• Cory Henry ⭢ coryhenry.com
• Jonathan Azu ⭢ cultureco.co

Remember, this is an annual grant, and information on 2021’s application process will be available here soon, so stay tuned and feel free to apply again next year!

More on 2019’s grant recipient: Sabrina Cruz will be redefining educational content online by exploring questions and showing her process of discovery. If you want to follow along, check out her YouTube channel.